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Apps I Have Made

How astute of you, you noticed i do more than business apps. I design education apps, business apps, utility type apps, and product apps. I even recently created an app to help train fire fighters better for a client. And yes I can do the type of app your thinking about...
"Business apps are supposed to do a few things and not more. They should remind your customers WHY they should go to your business, WHERE you are, and what they are going to EXPERIENCE when they get there." -Brian Nelson, Your Local Programmer

Elegant Simplicity

Have you ever watched an ad for BMW?, of course you have. They show you the car, how cool you would look driving it, they let you imagine for a second you are driving it, and they tell you where you can buy one. That's how I design apps..

A Few Projects

Midwest Daily Deals
midwestdailydeals.com needed an app to focus their customers on what is important, everything the app has to offer is available in less than three finger presses on the screen.
MidwestDeals - Midwest Daily Deals
DRR Rescue
Local Arizona author wanted an app that took his existing print guide used to train firefighters, and emergency rescue personal, and brought the concepts to life.
DRR Rescue - Tom PENDLEY

Lets Talk Sometime...

Some people prefer phone calls, some prefer email, i don't judge, contact me any way you like, even text message.

nelsonbrian (@) me dot com
Fax: It's 2012, fax machines are so dead

Techie Stuff...

If your a techie person, here is a list of the technologies I have used in client and personal projects.










Google Analytics

Get Socialize

Urban Airship


In-App Purchase

CCard Processing




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Blog posts

Photo gallery

Youtube Videos

Maps with POI’s




Cloud Data

Amazon SimpleDB

Dynamic App Settings

Non-Techie Version...

Your app can show you when and where your customers accessed your app, and how often. Your app can show videos, content from blogs, maps, photos, and many more. Anything you have on the web you can have inside your app. Any time you hear the keywords API, Rest, JSON, XML, Social, or Cloud, these are all elements you can have in your application.

Brian Nelson

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